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Can Mental Illness Be Cured? What You Need to Know

Can mental illness be cured? Almost everyone diagnosed with a...
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Seeing Things That Aren’t There: What Does It Mean?

Seeing things that aren’t there can be confusing and frightening,...
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What Is Mental Health Awareness, and Why Does It Matter?

Being aware of your overall health is important so that...
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What Is the Baker Act in Florida?

The Baker Act in Florida allows doctors, mental health professionals,...
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How to Access Mental Health Care in the Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, many individuals have struggled to find...
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Finding Residential Treatment Centers for Depression

If you have depression, it can be hard to tell...
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Support Group Options During and After Treatment

A treatment program is the first step towards overcoming a...
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Mental Health Statistics 2019: What You Need to Know

Each year, experts research the most up-to-date information on mental...
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Best Mental Health Hospitals in Florida

According to the U.S. News & World Report, there are...
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5 Signs You Should Consider Rehab for Depression

When most people think of treatments for depression, they think...
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