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When a mental health crisis appears, there needs to be an immediate and comprehensive response. At Port St. Lucie Hospital, our crisis intervention team helps patients de-escalate a crisis and return to a place where they feel safe and in control.

We accomplish this goal by creating an individualized treatment plan during your crisis. Our expert team of mental health professionals guide patients through a variety of crisis care treatment modalities. Learn more about each of these treatment options and how they can help you or your loved one through a mental health crisis.

Treatment services include:

  • Support Groups: For people with mental health disorders, coming together to share common stories helps them reevaluate and move beyond destructive thought patterns and behaviors.
  • Individual Therapy: In this one-on-one therapy, patients meet with mental health professionals to discuss their mental health conditions. This helps patients develop new coping skills to help them better handle future mental health crises.
  • Family Therapy: In this treatment modality, family members and patients work to restore their relationships. This gives everyone a chance to express their feelings and support each other going forward. 
  • Medication Evaluation: Certain medications can ease or worsen mental illness symptoms. Our highly trained medical staff meet individually with patients to discuss their symptoms and examine their treatment. This information is then used to adjust dosages, remove medications, or prescribe new ones. 
  • Psycho-Educational Groups: Nobody should face addiction alone. We bring our patients together to discuss their personal experiences in a way that builds community support and helps them cope with past issues or traumas. In these groups, a qualified therapist will direct the sessions and help you refine your goals. 
  • Therapeutic Activity Groups: These sessions teach patients valuable life and recovery skills. Here, patients participate in everyday activities to build bonds and essential skill sets for life after treatment. 
  • Aftercare / Discharge Planning: Discharge planning begins on the first day of treatment. Our team works with patients to ensure that they have follow-up care (if necessary), or, at the very least, a safe, supportive environment to return home to. 

We accept Medicare, most HMOs and PPOs, and can make financial arrangements for self-pay patients. 

Because we want to help people in crisis, Port St. Lucie Hospital accepts both voluntary admissions and involuntary admissions through the Baker Act, serving St. Lucie, Martin, and parts of Okeechobee counties. Our fully accredited treatment center screens, evaluates, and admits people brought in voluntarily and through the Baker Act with the goal of quickly and holistically stabilizing their psychiatric health. With involuntary admissions under the Baker Act, we may keep the patient in treatment for up to 72 hours, during which time we will work with them to resolve their mental health crisis.

If you or a loved one need are in need of immediate crisis intervention, contact our admissions specialists at (772) 238-7734. Or reach out to us online with your questions!

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