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Welcome to Port St. Lucie


The Treasure Coast’s Adult Mental Health & Co-Occuring Substance Abuse Center for Treatment

Port St. Lucie Hospital is a 75-bed, inpatient mental health facility located on 20 acres near the beautiful Savannas Preserve.

Situated in the heart of St. Lucie County, our retreat-like environment provides a tranquil setting in which our patients can heal. We offer 24-hour mental health services provided by licensed professionals in various disciplines. The hospital has varying programs that can be tailored to patient needs, as well as the traditional 28-day inpatient treatment program for patients with dual diagnosis issues.

Port St. Lucie Hospital is a state-licensed, Medicare-approved and Joint Commission (JACHO) Accredited facility. Self-pay and Medicare clients are welcome. Service agreements are currently being prepared to accommodate private insurance plans.

Medicare and most HMO’s and PPO’s are accepted and financial arrangements for self-pay may also be made.

We Accept Most Major Insurances

Adult Mental Health Program

Crisis Care Services | Emergency Care

Dual Diagnosis Program

Family Behavioral Health Services

Partial Hospitalization Program

Senior Adult Program

Port St Lucie Mental Health Programs


Port St. Lucie Hospital has programs that address a broad spectrum of mental health issues. Crisis care services are also available for patients in acute crisis who require immediate assistance in a secure and structured environment.

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Florida's Psychiatric & Substance Abuse Center for Treatment

Please note: For medical emergencies, please call 911. For other urgent matters, please call our admissions line (772) 408-5871. Submissions sent after-hours, on weekends, or on holidays may experience a longer response time.

Port St. Lucie Hospital Behavioral Health News

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  • Its a great place for people struggling with mental health issues that have an addiction too. There mainly focused around MH but on there rehab unit allows meetings from the outside in the cafateria. There detox is a mess and i ended up there while waiting for a bed on the rehab floor and its alota people that were coming from baker act facilites there. Alota people are over medicated and detoxing on that unit. its lock down on both units. They give smoke breaks an the foods mot to bad. Doctor Amanda was AMAZING. The rehab unit i got alot more out of.

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  • Thank you PSL Hospital! Unfortunately, but fortunately, I have been to this facility 3 or 4 times since 2010. My last visit there was in April of 2016 and I have been clean since! A few things have changed from 2010-2016 but not their practices. Things like smoking rules, visitation, and other small everyday things. Every time I’ve been there I was treated with respect and dignity. Shout out to the kitchen staff also! Most of their food is homemade and by far the BEST cafeteria food I’ve ever eaten. Dr. Desai and Dr. Andujar were the 2 docs I’ve been seen by and they were both spectacular. Also, their PHP (outpatient) program, run by Mark and Tara was amazing! You get to go more in depth after your 28 day stay is over.
    I gave a 5* bc I can’t think of any bad experiences I’ve had had there. None come to mind.

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Yes, we do take insurance, give us a call for a free insurance verification.

Family involvement is an integral component of an effective treatment program.

Though every recovery experience is unique and personal, most effective treatment programs will encourage strong family involvement.

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Sunday 1:45 pm – 3:15 pm

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