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After nearly two years of a pandemic, it’s fair to say that most people are under significant emotional and mental strain. And that’s reflected in the state of mental health across Florida, which has already shown concerning trends in the years before the pandemic. That’s why we’re sharing resources about Florida therapy, inpatient care, and other mental health treatment options that can help you.

How Does Florida Rank for Mental Health?

How Does Florida Rank for Mental Health?

Compared to national averages, Florida’s mental health care displays alarming issues. For instance, according to a national study conducted by Mental Health America, Florida currently ranks 48th in the nation for access to mental health care. That means that many people with mental health conditions are unable to get the care they need. In fact, the issue is so bad that 63% of adults in Florida with a mental illness reported not being able to get any kind of help like Florida therapy or a stay at a mental healthy facility in Florida.

Sadly, this lack of access to treatment leads to a lot of issues in all facets of life. For example, Floridians who are unable to get mental health care face increased risk of losing their jobs, becoming homeless, developing a chronic health issue, and committing suicide. Clearly, providing access to mental health treatment is an urgent need across Florida.

As mental health care providers, this is why we take our responsibility to our Port St. Lucie community so seriously. By accepting a wide variety of insurance providers, including Medicare, our goal is to provide quality mental health care to everyone who needs it. But how do you know which treatments and programs are right for you? When is Florida therapy not enough?

Florida Therapy vs Inpatient Mental Health Care

For some people, working with a Florida therapist or counselor is enough to reduce their emotional strain. But for others, more intensive care may be necessary to offer them similar relief. So how do you know which one is for you?

Is Florida Therapy for Me?

Typically, outpatient therapy is best if you are not experiencing severe symptoms as a result of your mental health. This means that you can complete tasks at work, your relationships have not drastically deteriorated, and you do not feel an urge to harm yourself or others. Because most therapists meet clients once every week or two, at the earliest, it is not recommended for people who require more intensive care.

In terms of treatment, the most common form of talk therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy. This focuses on changing behaviors and automatic thought processes to lessen mental illness symptoms and improve coping skills. While this is an effective, proven treatment, it may not be enough for every individual, particularly since Florida therapists without psychiatry degrees are unable to prescribe medications.

Financials are also an important area to look at when considering Florida therapy. Many therapists and counselors work out of their own practices, many of which do not accept any type of insurance. And many insurance providers do not pay for therapy or counseling, especially for less expensive plans. Therefore, Florida therapy may not be the best option if you are already financially stretched, as many people are during the pandemic.

Can a Mental Health Facility in Florida Help Me?

Can a Mental Health Facility in Florida Help Me?

On the other hand, inpatient mental health treatment is designed for more severe cases, where it has become difficult or impossible to function in daily life. This can apply to a broad range of mental health conditions, including:

The best psychiatric hospitals in Florida provide a wide variety of treatment options, which will be used to create an individualized treatment plan for you. These can include the talk therapy options described above as well as group therapy, supplemental therapies, family education, medication support, and other transformative mental health treatments.

Moreover, Florida mental health centers are also much easier to get covered by commercial insurance and Medicare. This can make getting help much easier, particularly if you do not have the money to pay out of pocket for mental health care. If you’re unsure of whether or not your insurance covers inpatient mental health treatment, you can either contact your insurer or ask your chosen mental health center to verify your insurance.

Choosing the Best Florida Mental Health Center for You

There is a mental health crisis in Florida, and it’s important that you look after yourself now more than ever. Despite the issues with accessing care, Florida ranks number eighth nationally for prevalence of mental health issues. This means that mental illness is exceptionally common in Florida, and getting help could make all the difference in your life.

If you decide to pursue inpatient treatment, then all that’s left to do is figure out what psychiatric center can best help you. For the best results, we recommend finding a facility that offers a continuum of care, meaning they have a variety of programs to help you through all stages of mental health recovery.

For example, most people who choose inpatient treatment over Florida therapy will start with an inpatient mental health program. This is a safe, relaxed environment where you can focus solely on your mental wellbeing without any of life’s distractions. With professional care from a team of nurses, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals, you will learn to manage your mental health symptoms in a way that allows you to return to normal life.

But for some people, that transition can be particularly challenging. That’s why it helps to attend a Florida mental health center with outpatient programming. This treatment option is still more intensive than Florida therapy, but it allows you to live at home and travel to the treatment center for help and support as you transition back to daily life.

At Port St. Lucie Hospital, we proudly provide Floridians with an evidence-based continuum of care to help address all forms of mental illness. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, call our friendly admissions specialists at 772-408-5871 or ask your questions through our confidential contact form. If your issues seem bigger than Florida therapy can handle, then we want to give you the care you need and deserve.

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