Prozac and Alcohol: Can I Drink While on Antidepressants?

Finding the right medication can make all the difference in...
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Developing Mental Health Coping Skills with Help in Florida

Healthy coping mechanisms are great tools for everyone. Even if...
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How to Get Sober Before the Holidays

While many people use New Year’s Day to make a...
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What Is Crippling Depression? Finding Help in PSL, Florida

It’s normal to feel depressed, especially when things don’t go...
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Depression Awareness Month in Florida, Mental Health Help Is Here

Depression Awareness Month 2021 comes at the end of another...
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Suicide Awareness Month 2021

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),...
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Suicide Rates During COVID: How the Pandemic Has Affected Mental Health

COVID-19 has affected nearly every aspect of people’s lives, including...
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Schizophrenia Facts in 2021

While you may be familiar with the term schizophrenia, you...
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Is Mild Serotonin Syndrome Serious?

Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical in the body that...
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Stages of Mental Health Recovery: Healing the Mind

Once you become aware of a mental health problem in...
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