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The Mental Illness List: Most Common Mental Health Issues

For many people, there is a vague understanding of what...
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Signs of Addiction: Opioids, Cocaine, and More

When you suspect alcohol or drug addiction in a loved...
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Alternatives to Benzodiazepines for Anxiety: What Works?

For millions of Americans living with anxiety disorders, medication management...
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Is Addiction a Disease? What the Experts Say

A disease is something that can negatively impact your health...
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Emotional Sobriety: How to Get and Stay Sober

Managing feelings in recovery is one of the keys to...
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Quit Lit: The Best Sobriety Books to Help You Quit Drinking in 2021

There are many resources available to help you reach your...
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Peer Recovery Coaches: Enabling Lifelong Recovery

If you or someone you love has struggled with an...
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What Is Mental Health Awareness, and Why Does It Matter?

Being aware of your overall health is important so that...
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What Is the Baker Act in Florida?

The Baker Act in Florida allows doctors, mental health professionals,...
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How to Access Mental Health Care in the Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, many individuals have struggled to find...
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